Program description

New Oakland’s FACE to FACE Day Treatment (DT) program provides intensive, structured daily activities and services to consumers ages 3 and up. The Day Program provides a high level of therapeutic intervention in relatively short period of time to consumers who are experiencing severe levels of emotional distress. The FACE to FACE Day treatment program provides services for children, adolescents and adults. Services are typically provided six hours a day, Monday through Friday. Clinicians, consumers and their families work together to achieve the goals identified in the consumers person-centered plan. The FACE to FACE Day Treatment program is designed to prevent or minimize the need for a more intensive level of treatment. Our program can serve as a step-down from inpatient or partial hospital programs or as a transitional program after discharge from inpatient or a partial hospital stay to facilitate return to the community.

Program philosophy

The New Oakland FACE to FACE Day Program is built on a clinical philosophy that consumers can receive intensive treatment in a nonresidential setting to prevent admission to or to continue care after an inpatient stay at a psychiatric hospital. Our founder Dr. Ismail Sendi established the FACE to FACE Day Treatment Program more than 28 years ago with the following philosophy:

  • Individuals and their families are entitled to high-quality intensive mental health care in the least restricted environment.
  • Individuals attend the program to learn proactive coping skills to empower the consumer and the family to handle crises within the family.

Program goal

The FACE to FACE Day Treatment Program goal is to enhance the growth and healing of our consumers by working with the consumer and family as a whole to gain the necessary skills to reach their full potential.

Populations and any special populations

The FACE to FACE Day Treatment Program is for individuals age 3 and up. Children, adolescents, and adults are separated into age-appropriate groups.


The Day Treatment Program is offered at all 12 full service New Oakland locations. Services are provided in age specific milieus.

Hours/Days of service

The Day Treatment Program is offered Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Saturday 9:00am to 3:00pm. (Livonia location ONLY)

Frequency of services

The Day Treatment program services involve daily treatment of at least four days per week and three hours per day, based on the needs of the individual served.

Payers/funding sources

New Oakland accepts MOST major commercial insurances for the Day Treatment program. Most Medicaid consumers require County screening. Authorization is typically required for services and is based on symptoms and level of care need.


Fees for the Day Treatment Program are based on the consumer’s individual benefit plan. There are no fees for Medicaid/County Mental Health consumers. All fees are due at time of service, unless payment arrangements have been made. A financial agreement must be completed. discussed with the consumer prior to admission.

Referral Sources

Referrals are received from Hospitals, Community Mental Health agencies, area school districts, community providers and the individuals themselves. A referral from a provider is not required for admission.

Services offered/ treatment modalities

The FACE to FACE Day Treatment Program provides persons the opportunity to participate in daily structured and comprehensive program combining individual, group, family and psych-educational therapies. The program also offers medication evaluation or continuation as needed. The Day Treatment program provides consumers (adults, children and teens in age-specific groups) an intensive six-hour a day, 5 to 6 days a week program in which the length of stay is determined by the consumer’s severity of symptoms. Based on the needs of the consumer, the program also offers help with emotional, environmental, financial and occupational issues by providing the necessary resources and by making appropriate referrals in the community.

Evidenced-based practices used, any assessment tools

Evidenced-Based practices used are, but not limited to, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills, Psychoeducation and Mindfulness. Clinicians use various assessment tools, including but not limited to, the PHQ-9, Columbia Suicide Scale, UNCOPE/CRAFFT, and WISC for school aged children.

Scope of medication

Psychiatric services can be provided in the FACE to FACE Day Treatment program. These services are provided by Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners. Medication can be prescribed and administered (if necessary) during program hours.

Credential of the staff qualified to provide the services

The program is provided by a multi-disciplinary team, which includes Licensed and Limited Licensed Master’s level clinicians, social workers and psychologists (LMSW, LLMSW, LPC, LLPC, TLLP), Board certified Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, medical staff, including registered nurses, dieticians, behavioral technicians, and dedicated support staff.

Entry criteria

Criteria for admission into the Day Treatment program, includes:

  • High Risk behaviors
  • Prior Hospitalizations and/or Prevention of Hospitalization
  • Suicidal thoughts without a plan/intent
  • Failure of outpatient therapy and a need for a high level of care.

Transition/discharge criteria

Consumers are discharged when they have either achieved their goals established in the person-centered plan, have demonstrated improved daily functioning/stabilization, and/or eliminated symptoms warranting the Day Treatment level of care.