24-Hour Crisis Stabilization

A qualified and caring team

New Oakland Crisis Stabilization Services are designed to provide a short-term alternative to inpatient psychiatric services and are available for on-site clinical intervention and/or telephone consultation at all times.

Provided by a qualified and caring multidisciplinary team of licensed mental health and nursing professionals,  under the supervision of New Oakland staff psychiatrists, our Crisis Stabilization Services are intensive treatment interventions delivered by a crisis stabilization team under the supervision of a psychiatrist. Services include:

  • Intensive individual & family counseling/psychotherapy;
  • Assessments (rendered by the treatment team);
  • Psychiatric supervision; and
  • Therapeutic support services by trained paraprofessionals.

Who can benefit?

FACE to FACE Crisis Stabilization Services are for individuals who meet criteria for psychiatric hospital admissions but who, with intense interventions, can be stabilized and served in lesser restrictive mental health alternative treatment environment.

In certain instances, New Oakland Crisis Stabilization Services may be provided to individuals leaving inpatient psychiatric hospitalization if it will result in a shortened inpatient stay. In all cases, individuals will have a diagnosis of mental illness or mental illness with a co-occurring substance use disorder or developmental disability.