Crisis Intervention

Program description

Crisis Intervention is designed to provide assessment, intervention and stabilization of acute symptoms. All New Oakland consumers are assessed at initial contact and on an ongoing basis for risk factors. The assessment and weighing of risk factors will alert clinicians to those clients who should be monitored. The determination that a client is at risk, whether or not suicidal ideation is present, shapes the treatment by introducing the objective of risk reduction. Clients are assessed for risk factors, suicidal/homicidal ideation and plan.

Clinical response may include:

  • Consultation with immediate clinical supervisor, Program Director, Clinical Director, treating physician, and/or Medical Director
  • Facilitation to PHP.
  • Facilitation of voluntary admission to inpatient facility if appropriate
  • Facilitation of involuntary admission to inpatient facility if indicated.

The Crisis assessment leads to the development of an initial crisis intervention plan.

Program philosophy

The right care at the right time. Meeting the consumer where they are at and developing a treatment plan for care.

Program goal

To provide assessment and intervention/immediate stabilization of acute symptoms of a crisis.

Populations and any special populations

All populations and ages are served


Services may be provided at places including: home, school and work environments; Mental health treatment centers; Medical treatment centers; and any other environment not precluded by clinical/contract appropriateness

Hours/Days of service

Crisis intervention services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Frequency of services

As needed

Referral Sources

Anyone can call the New Oakland crisis phone line to give a referral including the individual in crisis, a short phone triage will be conducted to determine eligibility of specific services being requested

Services offered/ treatment modalities

Telephonic screenings, walk-in services, deployment to community to the site where the consumer in crisis is located.

Evidenced-based practices used, any assessment tools

Crisis intervention and risk assessments?

Scope of medication

This program does not control or administer medication. This program does have the ability facilitate a psychiatric evaluation with a nurse practitioner or psychiatrist.

Credential of the staff qualified to provide the services or tx modalities.

Multi-disciplinary team of licensed master level clinicians, short term limited license and fully licensed LLMSW, LLPC, LMSW, LPC, LPN. As well as RN, MD, DO.

Entry criteria

Any consumer seeking services at New Oakland will be screened and assessed for appropriate level of care. Consumer requiring services not provided by New Oakland will be given referrals/resources, as indicated

Transition/discharge criteria

Upon stabilization from immediate acute mental health crisis, consumer/family will be recommended to follow up with current outpatient provider or will be assisted with establishing ongoing mental health services