FACE to FACE Day Program


The FACE to FACE day program is the core service that separates New Oakland from treatment models used by traditional mental health providers.

Like hospital-based treatment, FACE to FACE provides intensive therapy and treatment with medical oversight and supervision. Unlike many hospitals, care takes place in a warmer, more nurturing office-based environment for six hours per day.

Children, adolescents and adult patients participate in age specific groups during the day, and depending on the severity of their circumstances, will attend sessions either three or five days a week. The average length of stay is 7-10 days. FACE to FACE utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to assess, intervene and empower both the individual and the family to work towards resolution of the presenting problem.

New Oakland’s proprietary FACE to FACE program assesses each unique challenge and then takes the necessary steps to empower children, adolescents, adults and families along the path towards resolution.