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Sorting Out the Autism Epidemic – the Sooner the Better

Dr. David Harris
Psychiatrist New Oakland Family Centers

In the 90s we began hearing the term “ADD” so often that it became faddish and filtered into daily conversation. Anytime someone might change subjects in mid-conversation somebody would comment about his ADD kicking in, as if anything short of steely, unwavering concentration would label you as a scatterbrain. We’ve come to learn that although it is pervasive, ADD is often either misdiagnosed or confused with other issues, like learning disabilities.

This decade we’ve similarly grown suspicious that another sometimes horrifying affliction, Autism, has also become a default diagnosis for a wide range of social and intellectual deficiencies. From 2006 to 2008, the number of reported incidences in children rose from a staggering 1 in 110 to a numbing 1 in 88. If it continues at that pace, it’ll be 1 in 2 before much longer.

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